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auncenofredomapasporcemiafoliasisexpecandinacelmomaxerehormonestestinprogestinfetipregnosteroneandrostenedionevaginalfoambeforedyeingfewtruckfda. Oh, the mystical pleasure of working with well-drawn characters. Read it all. One of the good things about reading a work of fiction is the possibility of getting swept up into a story that is bigger than life. To pretend otherwise is a lie. It's a lie that is hard to break free of. So you don't have to feel guilty about spending the afternoon or even the night reading. You could read a dozen books this afternoon. At a rate of at least a page a minute. There's a place in North America called Kala, and a writer named Anne Bancroft who taught there. She was one of those people who when you met her you felt you knew her all your life. She loved reading and writing. She loved kids. She was a good person. She died, too young. She wasn't young enough to know it. So now you know a little about her. We'll look into how a story is created. Here we are, getting into the nitty-gritty. So don't be afraid of that. Reading. It's the best drug. No matter what you're writing, it's likely you're going to have to write about characters, people. Most of what we know is about characters and people. They're what makes a story worthwhile. So if you're writing, you'll need to understand what makes a character a character. What makes a person who he or she is. The beginning of a story is often a mysterious thing. A movie or a novel might begin with a bit of dialogue and a bit of action. Even a scene might be a bit of a head scratcher. People in the opening pages of a story might not seem to be what they're supposed to be. There might not seem to be much at stake in what happens to them. The first page or two of a story can be the hardest. It's a change of pace. It




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